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The 9 Destinations For Literary Trials


A literary tour to Britain lure writers to a great extends. Most of the authors of all times are the native of Britain and Scotland. If your journey ends up at such Literature lands, it would inspire you to learn, write and live the life of renowned authors. The peak 9 travel destination at England is reviewed and discussed.

First and foremost is the JK Rowling in Edinburgh, believed to be the birthplace of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, now maintained as a cafeteria. The J.K. Rowling Suite at the Balmoral Hotel has her writing materials preserved for the travellers, and it also gives an opportunity for the tourists to stay for a day there, but there would be a long queue at the waiting list for the fans.

Another famous place is the castle of Agatha Christie, the princess of fiction. In her fond remembrance, the local art folks conduct talks, banquets, classical makeovers and parades to entertain the guests. The creator of Olivertwist, the Charles Dickens hometown at Portsmouth is another choice for the literary tours. The writers are inspired by his birthplace and other houses where he shared his life with his creativity.

Jane Austen, the well-known and well-read authors among English people, lived in the Georgian City but was actually happy at her brother’s Chawton Cottage in London, which is now open to the public. The world witnessed a number of authors taken their birthplace at the Oxford Campus. Most of our famous English literature names are the alumni of Oxford’s writing desk. William Shakespeare, the eminent dramatist and the poet, lived at the Stratford-upon-Avon, where the fans could visit his birthplace, mother’s house, daughter’s home and also his wife’s famous cottage, Anne Hathaway’s cottage altogether.

Daphne Du Maurier, the melancholic novelist of Britain, lived in Fowey which is one of the famous writer’s happiest spot to nurture the creator of ‘Jamaica’ and ‘Rebecca’. The romantic poet William Wordsworth also has his origin in Dove Cottage in Grasmere, where he enjoys the solitude among the fields of golden daffodils. The cottage is the scenic spot now enjoyed by millions through guided tours to the cottage and the sidelined museum which restores his archives. The known Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, along with their family lived in the Yorkshire West Ridings village of Haworth. This is now the romantic spot, opened to the people that eventually revamp the writers’ creativity.

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