Can Gardening Help with Writer’s Block?

Can Gardening Help with Writer's BlockBeing a writer entails a lot. There are so many things that you need to do before you can come up with something interesting that people would love to read. Even if you are a really good writer, it does not necessarily mean you can just do whatever you want. You also can’t expect to let the creative juices flow all the time.

There are instances when nothing comes out no matter how you try. You can push yourself to do harder, but you can’t expect the same results. This is why you have to do a lot of things to ensure that your brain functions well and does what needs to be done.

There are a lot of ways to enhance your mind if you wish to write amazing write-ups. Gardening is one of them. In might seem weird to try gardening, but it actually works.

You are relaxed

The main reason why gardening is a good thing is because it is a stress reliever. You don’t have to work really hard when you are gardening. You can take your time. You can also talk to the plants. The goal is to make the garden look really pretty.

The same thing is true with writing. You don’t have to hurry things up. In fact, you can try slowing things down as long as the results are satisfactory.

While you are gardening, you can just free your mind. Let go of the things that bother you. Perhaps, you can’t really do your job well because you are bothered by a lot of things. You are unable to carry out your responsibilities as a writer. You are stuck in one corner and it is not a good thing.

Try mowing too

Aside from removing weed, planting seeds and trimming leaves, it also helps to mow the lawn. This uses huge equipment and it seems counterproductive. However, the truth is that it also helps you in your goal to come up with something really interesting to write. The good thing about mowing is that you have to use a lot of effort. You need to push hard if you want to finish the tasks faster.

It means that when you want to release anger and other emotions, you can do it while mowing. This is extremely helpful if you want to bring out the right kind of emotion in what you are writing.

You can check out new lawn mowers at so you won’t go wrong with your choice. Just give it a try and you will surely understand how it works.

Do better

Once you have tried these techniques, you will start seeing changes in the way you write. Just give yourself some time to grow as a writer. Don’t force yourself. You will not come up with anything if you write because you are forced to do so. Let you creativity flow and you will just enjoy the process. The overall results will be appreciated by a lot of people. You can proudly say that you have done the said write-up.

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