A Review On “In Other Words” By Jhumpa Lahiri


The review made by the writer says that this book is all about the obsession of a writer towards the Italian language on J.Lahiri’s journey to Florence after her graduation studies. She learned Italian for many years, but the passion for gaining mastery over it probes her to move Rome with her family, escaping to the world of a new language. Written in dual language, this book interests both Italian and English readers at the same time or even catalyse the non-Italians to look into the translations while reading.

Prior to her travels in pursuit of Italian learning, Lahiri already had a canonical life with the goal to master the Italian scripts, both reading and writing, and the long hard efforts of her were clearly depicted in this book. She had also made repeated self-assessments seemingly boring tasks, how she dealt with the errors and corrections during her entire Italian learning phase may sometimes discourage the readers too.

imgThe reviewer wished to give Lahiri a synopsis on the versatile Italian culture by creeping down the streets of Rome, or just watching some Italian shows or props. This book does not impress readers who look for tips to listen or speak any language because Lahiri completely express her own hardships in writing and reading Italian, which seems to have a personal touch to the book.


img1Unlike other stories and novels of Lahiri, which mention the culture of Bengali immigrants on the East coast of the United States, this book reflects about her bond with a language and its translation and writing. Towards the summary of the book, she made the vivid explanation why she had the passion acquiring the Italian language. She says it is the battle between cultural identity and career and also emphasises that it helps to tackle the Bengali-English disharmony in her life.

The reviewer restates that, the book would have been more convincing to readers if it includes some humour and adventure. However, an honest and solicitous attempt to justify the learning phase of a foreign language has been accounted throughout the book.

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