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An Account Of “This Must Be The Place” By Maggie O’ Farrel


Maggie O’ Farrel‘s penning always have a magician’s deceptions, which pulls the audience towards her novels. In this book, the writer tells the story of the linguistic professor, Daniel Sullivan and his wife Claudette living at Donegal in a farmhouse along with their children. Daniel Sullivan sets out a journey after hearing his ex-girlfriend’s death discover what had been her life so far, without bothering about the risks involved in his current hustled relationship.

The bond between Daniel and Claudette is handled with humor throughout the story. The core content revolves around the lives of their family and friends and described viciously through the book. The continuous flow of the different characters and times creates curiosity among the readers to assume what might have happened in between the incidents.

All the characters are shown balanced and easy to follow despite its complex and random appearance here and there. Moreover, Claudette’s character presentation is another remarkable touch of the chapters, where she shows the experiments of a supposed to be a famous woman who vanishes from the screen and picturising her life with Timou. Her unappreciable relationship, unexpected created deaths are some of the contents which grab reader’s attention towards the novel.

Daniel’s proficiency over emotional well-being is also elemental in the story. His character reflects a strong personality with bilingual knowledge, but many times he struggles with understanding the point of view of others. The reviewer finally suggests that for anyone who invites Maggie O’ Farrel to their book list, “This Must Be The Place” would be the prime choice to start with.

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