Can Gardening Help with Writer’s Block?

Can Gardening Help with Writer's BlockBeing a writer entails a lot. There are so many things that you need to do before you can come up with something interesting that people would love to read. Even if you are a really good writer, it does not necessarily mean you can just do whatever you want. You also can’t expect to let the creative juices flow all the time.

There are instances when nothing comes out no matter how you try. You can push yourself to do harder, but you can’t expect the same results. This is why you have to do a lot of things to ensure that your brain functions well and does what needs to be done.

There are a lot of ways to enhance your mind if you wish to write amazing write-ups. Gardening is one of them. In might seem weird to try gardening, but it actually works.

You are relaxed

The main reason why gardening is a good thing is because it is a stress reliever. You don’t have to work really hard when you are gardening. You can take your time. You can also talk to the plants. The goal is to make the garden look really pretty.

The same thing is true with writing. You don’t have to hurry things up. In fact, you can try slowing things down as long as the results are satisfactory.

While you are gardening, you can just free your mind. Let go of the things that bother you. Perhaps, you can’t really do your job well because you are bothered by a lot of things. You are unable to carry out your responsibilities as a writer. You are stuck in one corner and it is not a good thing.

Try mowing too

Aside from removing weed, planting seeds and trimming leaves, it also helps to mow the lawn. This uses huge equipment and it seems counterproductive. However, the truth is that it also helps you in your goal to come up with something really interesting to write. The good thing about mowing is that you have to use a lot of effort. You need to push hard if you want to finish the tasks faster.

It means that when you want to release anger and other emotions, you can do it while mowing. This is extremely helpful if you want to bring out the right kind of emotion in what you are writing.

You can check out new lawn mowers at so you won’t go wrong with your choice. Just give it a try and you will surely understand how it works.

Do better

Once you have tried these techniques, you will start seeing changes in the way you write. Just give yourself some time to grow as a writer. Don’t force yourself. You will not come up with anything if you write because you are forced to do so. Let you creativity flow and you will just enjoy the process. The overall results will be appreciated by a lot of people. You can proudly say that you have done the said write-up.

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The Importance of Proper Grooming Habits in Writers

The Importance of Proper Grooming Habits in WritersWriters are not actors who have to appear on television. They write stories for people to read. It is not necessary for people to know how the authors look like. In fact, some authors use a pen name just to hide their real identity. Over the years, writers have been used to just a name written on the cover of a book. They didn’t really have to show their faces in public.

This is also why most writers don’t care about how they look like. They are after the quality of what they are writing. Although this attitude is totally understandable, times have changed. It is not because people are already after how authors look like to appreciate their write-ups, but authors are becoming more public these days.

For instance, since J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter became a big hit, she has become more visible in the public eye. The same thing holds true for other popular novels like the Twilight Saga and 50 Shades of Grey. This only means that if you are a writer, you have to pay more attention to your overall appearance. Whether you like it or not, you will be judged based on your appearance.

They might even have certain stereotypes about you based on the kind of novel that you have written. However, you can easily prove them wrong by showing up in your best look. Let them realize that you look really great and not this messy looking writer they have in mind.

Dress well

As a writer, you have to attend public events especially once your novel is released. There will be a book launch where you have to appear and promote your book. You might also be involved in a meet and greet event. You need to look great for these events so that people will appreciate you more. Besides, it does not hurt to dress well for public events.

Shave your beard

People also have this bias about male writers. They think that they are too involved with their work that they can no longer have enough time to shave. Show to them that no matter how busy you are with your work, you can still shave and appear neat in front of the public. You can click here for more information about the best shavers.

Just be yourself

It does not mean that you have to exaggerate your looks or undergo facial surgery just to appear great in public. It means that you are facing a lot of people now. You have gone past the time when you are just writing. You don’t show up in front of other people so you can wear whatever you want or even avoid shaving if you want to.

This is still for the success of your novel. If it makes you look good and it also helps in promoting your write up, it does not hurt to put a little more effort. Once this endeavor works out, you will feel great knowing that you have done the right thing.

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How Music Helps in Letting Your Creative Juices Flow

What do you normally do when you are tired, bored or sad? Perhaps, in all these situations, you just turn the music on and you feel better. Music plays with our emotions really well. We feel different things because of music. We are taken into a different dimension because of the songs that we hear. It doesn’t matter what genre of music we listen to, its rhythm and lyrics will always take us to a different place.

This also means that music allows us to have our creative juices flowing. We become more creative and artistic if we listen to songs. It has been proven by several artists in history. They play certain songs when painting or drawing their masterpiece. Some prefer classical songs while others prefer rock songs. Again, it doesn’t matter what kind of music you listen to. The point is that you are able to think clearly and appreciate what you are doing even more with the help of music.

The main reason why this happens is that the part of the brain that deals with our creative side is also the same side that appreciates music. If that part is triggered, it brings out the best in us. We become more creative. We are also energised to create something unique.

A different dimension

Our mind can always travel to places where it wants to. It can think about anything and make it come to life if it really wants to. This is why some people become successful. They think about something and do everything within their means to make it happen.

In a way, we are also inspired by music to make our craziest dreams and plan a reality. Yes, you cannot change the place where you are in right now, but you can always transport yourself to a different dimension. Music can help you bring out that creative side so you won’t get stuck to where you physically are as of the moment.

Being inspired

There are also times in our lives when we feel like we are not useful or productive. We don’t feel like doing anything. We are stuck doing the same thing over and over again. Worse, we end up getting lazy. We just stay on the bed and not doing anything that makes sense.

This is why you need inspiration. It doesn’t have to be a human being. It can be anything that helps extract your creative juices. For most people, it is music. Before you can proceed with anything you plan doing, you need to be inspired first. Whether you are an artist, author or director, you need inspiration. Without it, you won’t have the energy to do anything at all.

A word of caution

For some people, listening to songs helps. They become more inspired to do something. They also feel better. It doesn’t mean everyone reacts the same way. There are those who would rather be in a peaceful and quieter place. It is easier for them to think if they are not bothered by songs in any way. They also feel like they can finish the job quickly. It is not because they hate music, but they just don’t like getting distracted.

For some, it is the opposite. They love music so much that they sing the song instead of focusing on the job. They could not finish anything as they are totally distracted by the songs they are listening to.

Your choice

The point here is to find a way to be inspired by what you do. If you feel better when you listen to music and you think your creative side is brought out, go ahead and do it. Otherwise, you must try other strategies that will help you be more creative.

For musicians, songs are definitely an inspiration. They also get inspired by playing musical instruments. If you are one, check out the best Gibson pickups and start playing.

We all have ways to be inspired in doing something. The key is to take your time and avoid pressure. Just let your spirit and imagination flow. Everything else will just follow. Most of all, you have to stay positive and just appreciate what you have done regardless of the outcome.

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What are the Best Children’s Books Your Baby Shouldn’t Miss?

books-1757734_640There are wonderful children’s books available today. They are perfect if you want to make your kids fall asleep at night or you want them to learn a moral lesson. It is also a good way to prepare them for academic life. At home, you can teach them how to read and write. You may also help them expand their vocabulary or appreciate arts through drawings. If you are undecided on which book to buy, here is a list of some children’s books that are a must read.

  • Big Fish, Little Fish by Jonathan Litton. This is a story of sea animals and how they spend their day. It is a colourful book which is somewhat interactive. It is also perfect for teaching words with opposite meanings like sad and happy. It is perfect for babies and preschoolers.
  • TouchThinkLearn: ABC by Xavier Deneux. The overall design of this book is what makes it perfect for kids. It is interactive. They will appreciate the visuals and make them interested more to learn. The images are stunning and even adults will enjoy reading the book with kids.
  • Goodnight Everyone by Chris Haughton. This is a perfect bedtime story book. It is long enough to help kids fall asleep but not that long to make it boring. It is just of the perfect length that can be finished after 10 minutes of reading.
  • The Cookie Fiasco by Mo Willems and Dan Santat. This book is perfect for kids ages 4-7 not just because of the plot, but also because it is really funny. This is a book that they would love to read over and over again. The words used are pretty simple. They can even read the book without aid from adults.
  • Snappsy the Alligator by Julie Falatko. If you wish to give your kids something funny, this book is perfect for them. It has already received lots of positive reviews because the book is totally appealing for kids and adults alike. It is about Snappsy the alligator and a narrator who has made the story way more interesting.
  • Hoot and Peep by Lita Judge. This is a really interesting story about siblings in Paris. It helps kids learn to be more creative and explore their greatest potentials.
  • The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield. This is the best book to buy if you want to teach your child a lesson on friendship and reaching for your dreams. A bear learned how to play a piano and became popular for his talent. He has soon realized though that fame is not everything. Aside from the beautiful story, the illustrations in this book are totally amazing.
  • My Favorite Pets by Jeanne Birdsall. This is a story that teaches kids how to be brave and how to think outside the box. It allows them to let their imaginations take them to places no one has dared to go. It makes them feel freer and more independent.
  • Quit Calling Me a Monster by Jory John. This may be a funny story, but is something you can learn tons of lessons from. It talks about diversity, acceptance and breaking stereotypes. The approach might be more suitable for kids, but the lessons learned can be used by children of all ages. It is also filled with humorous situations and even as adult, you can laugh at the jokes cracked in the story.
  • Bossy Flossy by Paulette Bogan. Flossy is acting like a boss all the time, hence the title suggests. However, in the story, he has met someone who is even bossier than he is. Edward made Flossy realize a lot of things. He became kinder and friendlier after he understood just how difficult it is to be working with him. The book is totally fun and you can learn a lot of other lessons along with your kids.

You can read children’s books to him while he is comfortably sleeping with the help of the sling. Your child deserves only the best in life.

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Why Reading in the Garden is the Best Therapy

young-woman-635249_640There are different places where you can read and feel undisturbed with what you are reading. You can be inside a train and still enjoy what you are holding. Reading in the garden is one of the best options though. It is a very relaxing activity and you will definitely be tempted to try it over and over again.

The benefits of reading in the garden

  • You are one with nature. You feel freer. You can allow your imagination to fly anywhere, whatever the book suggests. You might not have been to those places, but if your mind is free, you will definitely see vivid images of those places in your mind.
  • You are alone and no one will be there to keep bugging you. It helps to also stay away from your phone or laptop. This will make it easier for you to focus on what you are reading.
  • As the wind blows into your face, you will start feeling more relaxed. You will forget about your problems and just enjoy every moment that you are outdoors and reading a book. Also, plants give off oxygen. Therefore, the air that you breathe is a lot fresher when you are on a garden.
  • You start to appreciate nature better. Soon, you will find yourself doing outdoor activities. Unless you get closer to nature, you will never appreciate how beautiful it could be.
  • It becomes a habit. Once you have enjoyed reading in the garden for the first time, you will find yourself going there again next time. This is nothing to worry about though. Whether you are young or adult, there are toms of benefits that you can get from reading a book. Therefore, it helps if you enjoy reading by the garden.
  • You might also be inspired to try gardening. Aside from reading books, you can now add something to the list of activities that you do during your free time.
  • You will start to forget everything that stresses you out. You will just focus on what you are reading and how beautiful your surrounding is. You won’t worry about anything else. It is a good practice to do it every now and then. Take note that there are people who have died because of stress. You must not let stress get the best of you. Reading in the garden can help ease that feeling.
  • You will have time just for yourself. Given your work and your family, finding the perfect time for yourself could be a huge problem. This is why you need to do something every now and then to give yourself a pause and not feel bad about the density of your work.

These are just some of the things that you will get if you decide to study on a garden or near one. You will experience more once you have given it a try. You will realize that you have given a lot to make the lives of people around you a bit better. It is time for you to give yourself something to cherish no matter how simple it is.

Aside from the garden, you might also want to read by the pool. It is a very relaxing place that allows you to just focus on what you are reading. If you read using e-books, it does not matter. There are phones that come with protective casing that makes the phone useful even while you are on the pool. It won’t get wet at all. You can start checking out the top 10 above ground pools if you decide to give pool reading a try. There are a lot of beautiful pools that will inspire you more to read. You may even keep reading at home if you also have pool at home.

There are a lot of advantages when reading. They are amplified if you choose the perfect spot for reading. As long as you enjoy doing it and you can do it when you have nothing else to do, it is good thing. You can make it a habit and try not to break it so you will keep reading all the time.

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Writer Tony Grounds And Star Michelle Keegan Open Their Minds About “Our Girl”

The popular BBC TV Drama is back to the curtains with its next series of episodes, starring Michelle Keegan the lead role, with the story written by Tony Grounds. The film is about a poor young adult, Georgie Lane joining the British Army, posting in Kenya. The entire series casts that, Georgie, who works with the largest refugee Camp in the world which was the challenge she accepted in her life. She has to create an impression with the fellow workers and earn the trust of her commanding officer despite the frivolous shifting at Kenya. This eventually made her personal life facing unexpected consequences throughout the drama.

While interviewing Tony Grounds, the writer of the ‘new’ Our girl, he was highly delighted to answer to every point communicated. Being satisfied with his second attempt, he believes that the new series shall excite the audience due to Georgie Lanes’s expeditions to the complicated levels made the character much more flexible and brave soldier than the previous Molly, magnifying her image. Kenya and Manchester are the favourable locations for the shoot where Michelle, the medical practitioner by origin should calm down the chaos and turbulence faced by the soldiers.

guide1The second series, in his words, has a herd of frightful new faces with Luke Pasqualino as the Special Forces Operative touring in Africa and Royce Pierreson joining the crew. They definitely charm the audience like the previous one, with great changes extremely different from old scenes. Mr. Grounds look forward to the crowd, take in hand Georgie Lane, as how Molly Dawes did before. Another enthusiastic session with Michelle Keegan was also done, and she was found to be overwhelmed with the second venture.

According to her, her character is a brave doctor, facing immense difficulties throughout, but doesn’t turn down her actions. Despite being with the fun-filled cast, the role also demanded stunts and physical involvements and she needs to do a bit more research prior to the start. Collectively, the drama again will be a crowd-puller as the crew believes.

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A Review On “In Other Words” By Jhumpa Lahiri


The review made by the writer says that this book is all about the obsession of a writer towards the Italian language on J.Lahiri’s journey to Florence after her graduation studies. She learned Italian for many years, but the passion for gaining mastery over it probes her to move Rome with her family, escaping to the world of a new language. Written in dual language, this book interests both Italian and English readers at the same time or even catalyse the non-Italians to look into the translations while reading.

Prior to her travels in pursuit of Italian learning, Lahiri already had a canonical life with the goal to master the Italian scripts, both reading and writing, and the long hard efforts of her were clearly depicted in this book. She had also made repeated self-assessments seemingly boring tasks, how she dealt with the errors and corrections during her entire Italian learning phase may sometimes discourage the readers too.

imgThe reviewer wished to give Lahiri a synopsis on the versatile Italian culture by creeping down the streets of Rome, or just watching some Italian shows or props. This book does not impress readers who look for tips to listen or speak any language because Lahiri completely express her own hardships in writing and reading Italian, which seems to have a personal touch to the book.


img1Unlike other stories and novels of Lahiri, which mention the culture of Bengali immigrants on the East coast of the United States, this book reflects about her bond with a language and its translation and writing. Towards the summary of the book, she made the vivid explanation why she had the passion acquiring the Italian language. She says it is the battle between cultural identity and career and also emphasises that it helps to tackle the Bengali-English disharmony in her life.

The reviewer restates that, the book would have been more convincing to readers if it includes some humour and adventure. However, an honest and solicitous attempt to justify the learning phase of a foreign language has been accounted throughout the book.

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An Account Of “This Must Be The Place” By Maggie O’ Farrel


Maggie O’ Farrel‘s penning always have a magician’s deceptions, which pulls the audience towards her novels. In this book, the writer tells the story of the linguistic professor, Daniel Sullivan and his wife Claudette living at Donegal in a farmhouse along with their children. Daniel Sullivan sets out a journey after hearing his ex-girlfriend’s death discover what had been her life so far, without bothering about the risks involved in his current hustled relationship.

The bond between Daniel and Claudette is handled with humor throughout the story. The core content revolves around the lives of their family and friends and described viciously through the book. The continuous flow of the different characters and times creates curiosity among the readers to assume what might have happened in between the incidents.

All the characters are shown balanced and easy to follow despite its complex and random appearance here and there. Moreover, Claudette’s character presentation is another remarkable touch of the chapters, where she shows the experiments of a supposed to be a famous woman who vanishes from the screen and picturising her life with Timou. Her unappreciable relationship, unexpected created deaths are some of the contents which grab reader’s attention towards the novel.

Daniel’s proficiency over emotional well-being is also elemental in the story. His character reflects a strong personality with bilingual knowledge, but many times he struggles with understanding the point of view of others. The reviewer finally suggests that for anyone who invites Maggie O’ Farrel to their book list, “This Must Be The Place” would be the prime choice to start with.

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The Seven Book Workshops At England


The book emphasises on the 7 best literary festivals at Glastonbury, a small town in England.
The first event is at Opera Holland Park commencing on 18th May, at London, titled “Words in the Park Festival”. This event stars PD James, Alain de Botton and Andrew Marr with politicians and journalists of different fields. The event comprises the talk delivered by Gavin Pretor-Pinney, the renowned author of the fantastic all time best seller The Cloudspotter’s Guide scheduled on Saturday, 19th May thereafter the accommodation at the at the nearby Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, a place of blended luxury and style at special rates if quoted ‘’Ways with Words’’. Another special programme arranged and led by Sandi Toksvig and John McCarthy, or P D James chatting with his old mate Penelope.

Secondly, the Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye, at Wales starting on 31 May through 10th June. The ‘Woodstock of the mind’ celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, where the delegates Simon Callow and Hilary Mantel join the show. The show has some comedy programs casting on 1st of June. An eco-friendly arrangement for stay at Brecon bolthole Fronlas, which is an hour’s drive from the fest. Moving to the third, the Stoke Newington Literary Festival, the three-day fest which delights the youth. The world famous librarian hosts the event, sidelining the music writers James Brown and Pat Long playing their lyrics. Luxury rooms at The Rose & Crown on Stoke Newington’s Church Street give the best possible stay for the invitees.

The fourth event is the Latitude, conducted at the Henham Park, Suffolk from 12-15 July. This is meant for Poets from the corners of the city. The highlight of the event is a stylist at the nearby salon. You will also be loved at the dwelling arranged at Sutherland House, a building of the 14th century. The next event is the Port Eliot Festival, at Cornwall from 19-22 July. India Knight and Kate Summerscale are the high spots of this show where designers of Britain join hands together with deliberate accessories and clothes.

Next fest would be for the fiction and crime lovers, which is the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival,at Harrogate from 19-22 July. Interaction with professional publishers late night, puzzles and stage shows are its significant features. The final one is the Voewood Festival, at Norfolk from 24-27 August. The salient features include ghost stories, theatre and the historic house gardens.

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The 9 Destinations For Literary Trials


A literary tour to Britain lure writers to a great extends. Most of the authors of all times are the native of Britain and Scotland. If your journey ends up at such Literature lands, it would inspire you to learn, write and live the life of renowned authors. The peak 9 travel destination at England is reviewed and discussed.

First and foremost is the JK Rowling in Edinburgh, believed to be the birthplace of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, now maintained as a cafeteria. The J.K. Rowling Suite at the Balmoral Hotel has her writing materials preserved for the travellers, and it also gives an opportunity for the tourists to stay for a day there, but there would be a long queue at the waiting list for the fans.

Another famous place is the castle of Agatha Christie, the princess of fiction. In her fond remembrance, the local art folks conduct talks, banquets, classical makeovers and parades to entertain the guests. The creator of Olivertwist, the Charles Dickens hometown at Portsmouth is another choice for the literary tours. The writers are inspired by his birthplace and other houses where he shared his life with his creativity.

Jane Austen, the well-known and well-read authors among English people, lived in the Georgian City but was actually happy at her brother’s Chawton Cottage in London, which is now open to the public. The world witnessed a number of authors taken their birthplace at the Oxford Campus. Most of our famous English literature names are the alumni of Oxford’s writing desk. William Shakespeare, the eminent dramatist and the poet, lived at the Stratford-upon-Avon, where the fans could visit his birthplace, mother’s house, daughter’s home and also his wife’s famous cottage, Anne Hathaway’s cottage altogether.

Daphne Du Maurier, the melancholic novelist of Britain, lived in Fowey which is one of the famous writer’s happiest spot to nurture the creator of ‘Jamaica’ and ‘Rebecca’. The romantic poet William Wordsworth also has his origin in Dove Cottage in Grasmere, where he enjoys the solitude among the fields of golden daffodils. The cottage is the scenic spot now enjoyed by millions through guided tours to the cottage and the sidelined museum which restores his archives. The known Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne, along with their family lived in the Yorkshire West Ridings village of Haworth. This is now the romantic spot, opened to the people that eventually revamp the writers’ creativity.

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